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Our Valued Clients

Here is a sample of current and former MOB Advocacy clients

Ally Power Test 1.png

Ally Power is the future of fuel, looking to move Americans from gasoline to green. MOB Advocacy was hired to assist the startup in bringing hydrogen fuel cell charging stations to Maryland. Our role has quickly grown, and we are now serving as the Ally's government relations advisor as the young startup looks to grow nation-wide.

AMSSM logo.png

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine

AMSSM was looking to launch a state government relations program. MOB Advocacy helped them prioritise issues, develop a member engagement (grassorrts/grasstops) strategy, improved their national group outreach, and helped pass model legislation in several states. MOB Advocacy also helped jumpstart action on a dying federal bill, by lobbying for a hearing and securing an invitation for an AMSSM member to testify, building a strong coalition and ultimately helping pass legislation into law.


Association for Behavioral Health & Wellness

ABHW is MOB Advocacy's newest client. This client approached us needing a new regulatory tracking solution. MOB Advocacy's solution, built with our partner, BillTrack50 helps ABHW folllow regulatory actions through the entire proccess, allowing them to better inform and engage their members on regulatory issues.


Autotomotive Maintence & Repair Association

MOB Advocacy tracks and analyzes regulatory action inpacting AMRA members. In addition, MOB Advocacy did a review of required sign laws and codes throughout the country for a major national retailer. MOB Advocacy also provides training for AMRA members at the AMRA national meeting.


Dental Assisting National Board

DANB is one of MOB Advocacy's oldest clients. We help DANB track and analyze legisation and regulations throughout the country. We identify critical bills and provide guidance on strategy. One of our biggest successes was passing legislation in New York State that solved a years-long issue for our client.

FCM logo.png

FCM Travel Solutions

FCM Travel Solutions was having problems winning contracts at the state level. MOB Advocacy revamped their proposal writing process, and overhauled their entire business development operation, with a focus on pre-proposal outreach with potiential customers. MOB Advocacy also consulted extensively on FCM's first ever state governemt contract in the U.S.


Irrigation Association

MOB Advocacy helped to revamp the Irrigaion Association's outreach at National Conference of State Legislature meetings. In addition, MOB Advocacy leveraged contacts at NASA to facilitate a tech transfer discussion where association members received a close-up demonstrations of NASA's latest irrigation technologies, so that they might soon be applied in the association members' products.



MOB Advocacy was an early advisor to POLCO. Our knowledge of the state and local market helped shape POLCO's early business development. Our procurement monitoring found several opportunities for POLCO to bid, and win, contracts with local governments.



MOB Advocacy is helping RoadEO expand its U.S. presence. Our work includes helping to secure pilot programs in the U.S. and working with the National Governors Association and state and local transportation officials to raise additional awareness before their U.S. launch.



MOB Advocacy is helping SourceRecycle grow their U.S. presence through outreach to state and local governments. In addition, MOB Advocacy manages SourceRecycle's state and local advocacy efforts focused on smart, zero-waste recycling laws and regulations.



MOB Advocacy was brought on to help TechShop capitalize on a very successful presentation to the National Governors Association. MOB Advocacy introduced TechShop executives to state economic development officials, as part of their business development process. MOB Advocacy also advised engagenment on workforce development issues in some states, that would allow TechShop to offer workforce development programs.

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