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MOB Advocacy Services

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Startup Services

At the forefront of policy innovation. Startups were the basis for the founding of MOB Advocacy. Whether you need legisatlive and regulatory analysis or need to change law ... along with hearts and minds to launch, MOB Advocacy is your government relations sherpa and partner. 

MOB Advocacy has experiecne growing startups in some of the most heavily regulated industries and issues, including: agriculture, blockchain and ditributed ledger technology, cannabis/ hemp, education, energy, finacial services, healthcare and transportation.

All of our services are designed with startups in mind, and work to with startup budgets to build solutions to help you scale.


Government Relations Strategies

Whether you are working on a single bill, drafting model legislation to be introduced nationwide, fighting local ordinances across the country, or something in between MOB Advocacy can help.

MOB Advocacy will develop a scope of work that fits your needs. Whether you hire MOB Advocacy to represent you in one or more states or as a fully integrated member of your team, MOB Advocacy will help you achieve your organizational goals.

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Grassroots Development & Coalition Building

Does your issue need a little more punch than a traditional lobbying strategy? MOB Advocacy has implemented successful national grassroots advocacy campaigns. From strategy, to messaging, websites and videos, to training grass-tops leaders and grassroots volunteers. We can manage your winning campaign.

Strong coalitions can add power to any advocacy campaign. MOB Advocacy will find and recruit the right partners to enhance your message and strengthen your advocacy efforts.


Political Strategies & PAC Management

Whether or not to get politically active is an important, and difficult decision for any organization. And if your company is politically active, it takes a lot of work to make sure you are being politically effective.

MOB Advocacy can help you design and execute political giving, communication and solicitation strategies, create successful PAC videos, enhance your donor cultivation and retention programs and monitor compliance and manage reporting.

MOB Advocacy also offers interactive scorecards and GOTV widgets that can further enhance your advocacy efforts.


Procurement Strategies

Do you have a product or service that you want to market to the Federal or state and local governments?  MOB Advocacy specializes in helping to launch pilot programs and public-private partnerships with state and local governments.


MOB Advocacy can help you gauge your market and design and execute strategies for success.

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National Groups Meetings Strategies

National Groups Advocacy can be a jumble without proper strategy and assistance. There are national intergovernmental groups from governors to state plant food control officials (fertilizer regulators) and everything in between. These groups are increasingly active and intricately involved  in setting national policy. That is why it is important for organizations to participate and be represented.

 MOB Advocacy assists or represents clients at several national and regional political- and policy-focused groups meetings, such as:

The National Governors Association, The U.S. Conference of Mayors & The National Conference of State Legislatures among others.


Legislative & Regulatory Tracking & Analysis

State and local tracking is the first line of defense if you have issues at the state and local level. MOB Advocacy has partnered with BillTrack50, an easy-to-use legislative and regulatory tracking service with outstanding sharing tools and widgets.

MOB Advocacy can set you or your organization up with a BillTrack50 account that you can manage on your own. In addition, MOB Advocacy offers additions monitoring and analysis assistace. With our value-added service, MOB Advocacy provides analyst-filtered reporting, insider intelligence and lobbyist referrals (when needed).


Hiring & Managing Contract Lobbyists

Hiring and managing lobbyists, and the reporting and evaluation that comes with it, can be a daunting task.  Let MOB Advocacy make your job easier by doing the work for you.

MOB Advocacy relies on a national network of lobbyists to provide "boots-on-the-ground" advice for our clients, but also as a starting point if our clients need to hire representation in a state or region.

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