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We Specialize in Startups

At the Forefront of Policy Innovation

MOB Advocacy was formed to focus on startup and early stage tech companies on the leading edge public policy.​ Whether it is healthcare, education, financial services or other heavily regulated industry. We help you navigate and reach your goals.

Startups have a special voice, but also need different attention than organizations used to playing in legislative and regulatory sandboxes around the country. We get you a seat at the table and help you tell your story, so that others listen.


MOB Advocacy  & MOB Ventures can help you bring your innovation to market faster, so you can scale faster.

MOB Advocacy Services

Through five pillars of service, State & Local Government Relations, Grassroots Advocacy, Political Action & Involvement, Marketing to Government & Procurement and Intergovernmental Groups Advocacy,

MOB Advocacy can provide a combination of one, two or even all five pillars of service, each with three customizable levels of depth of service to fulfill either all of your organizations needs or fill in the gaps in your current advocacy plan or operation.

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Whether you need help tracking and analyzing legislation and regulations, hiring and managing contract lobbyists, a good wingman at national group meetings, or help designing an advocacy strategy for your team, MOB Advocacy can help you achieve your goals.

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Just need help selecting a legislative tracking service, grassroots advocacy software, or a few really good state lobbyists for boots on the ground presence, MOB Advocacy can help you select the right tools to achieve your goals.

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Don't have a state government relations team? Let MOB Advocacy do it for you. We have the expertise to not only design your government relations strategy, but to implement it.

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