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Welcome to MOB Advocacy's new Website & Blog

Welcome to MOB Advocacy's new blog and website.

Why a new website?

Quite simply, it was time. MOB Advocacy has grown from a one-man shop into a true government relations firm with a highly-experienced lobbying team, media relations and research experts and strong partners that complement our in-house services. We felt it was time that our site looked more professional, and reflected all the great things MOB Advocacy offers its clients.

What has changed?

Our staff section. That is the clearest proof of our growth. MOB Advocacy is close to announcing the addition a new partner and two "in residence" associates for media relations and research. Our "in residence" staff are experts in their fields of media relations and research respectively. They differ from our partners, in that they are a part of nearly MOB Advocacy project, so they often seem like a full-time part of our team.

We have also inked more formal agreements with our partners. Our original partner, BillTrack50, continues to be an integral part of our client service success. We are announcing a new partnership with The Lukens Company, a digital and print response firm. We are finalizing agreements with a premier e-advocacy provider and an association management platform. We also hope to soon announce local tracking capabilities, with the ability to monitor every locality greater than 1,000 residents. And more to come.

One significant partnership, that merits its own section - the official launch of StateXchange, a national network of state lobbyists. Partnering with StateXchange allows MOB Advocacy to offer boots on the ground anywhere in the country.

We revamped our clients page, and have included some highlights of the work we have done. It was eye-opening (even for us) to look back on some of the great work MOB Advocacy has over the years. Since past success breeds future success, we believe it offers a glimpse into our clients' future success.

We rewrote our services section, which we hope better explains different ways we work with clients.

Finally, you might have noticed, we changed the name of our blog and made some changes on social media. Our Twitter and Instagram handles are now more focused on the firm, and no longer extensions of Michael O'Brien. Michael's personal handles are now @signed_mob. Obviously, we hope you continue to follow us, but please also follow Michael's personal accounts for his continued insights into state and local government, Nats and Mets baseball, NY Rangers hockey, Notre Dame sports, beer and his family.

Why a new blog?

We passed the mantle of The State of the States on to our partner, StateXchange. We felt that their ability to offer insight on national issues from government relations professionals in the states was more worthy of State of the States. MOB Advocacy's blog is now MOB on the Steps, as in steps of the statehouses we work in around the country. The MOB on the steps is a tribute both to the firm, but the grassroots movements we have built and continue to build.

We are very excited about the recent changes at MOB Advocacy, and those yet to come. 2019 has been a very big year so far, and we are expecting more big news in the fourth quarter. Keep an eye out for more big announcements in October, November and December.

About the Author -

Michael O'Brien is the founder and principal of MOB Advocacy. He has more than ten years experience as a state and local lobbyist. Michael has lobbied governors, mayors, legislators, state and local agencies and regulators in more than 40 states.

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