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Opening Day 2019 ... PLAY BALL

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

I am preparing to head to Nationals Park to see what could be a special day with the Washington National's Max Scherzer and New York Met's Jacob deGrom on the mound. Pete Alonso makes his Major League debut and Victor Robles makes his first Opening Day roster. I wanted to put out my annual list of baseball-related state legislation. 

This year over 400 bills mention the word "baseball." That range is 1 several states to 49 in New Jersey and Texas. 

Some key themes for 2019 -

Sports Betting -  Several states have or are looking at legalizing wagering on professional sports, including CT HB 7331 - An Act Concerning Sports Wagering In The State.

Athlete Safety - Athlete safety is always an important topic. NJ S1817 - "Steven's Law;" prohibits use of non-wood bats in certain organized games.

Resolutions and Congratulations - Among my favorites, OH HB117 and  HI HR 208. OH HB117 designates August 31st as Frank Robinson Day. Frank Robinson was named manager of the Cleveland Indians in 1975, becoming the first African American manager in Major League Baseball. HI HR celebrates Honolulu Little League "For Their Unbelievable Dominance In Winning The 2018 Little League World Series."

In honor of the Nats/Mets match-up I am highlighting bills from DC and NY

First at bat, the visiting New York AB 6654 / SB 3935  - Designates baseball as the official sport of the state of New York.  

Now the home team - DC CER23-0031 - the Frank Robinson Memorial Recognition Resolution Of 2019, recognizing the first Nationals skipper. 

WHEREAS, during the Washington Nationals’ inaugural season of 2005, Frank Robinson managed the team to an improbable season, during which the Nationals led the National League East by 4.5 games at the All-Star break, drawing 2.7 million fans to Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium and reminding Washingtonians, after 33 years without a Major League Baseball team, that the District of Columbia is, in fact, a baseball town.

As I figure out who to root for, I hope you enjoy Opening Day!!

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